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Thursday, 9 October 2014

No More Planes at Manston...

And so it is.

A century of aviation ends at Manston.

All their huffing and puffing makes our political leaders look more like the domestic servants fussing about Downton Abbey while Lady Grantham purses her lips and does just as she damn well pleases.

Ann Gloag has made buffoons of the politicians and fools of us all.

Small wonder she declines media interviews. Who would want to be reminded of promises on purchasing an airport when they’ve just turned a pound into 24 million. Thanet council’s inquiry into a compulsory purchase order of the airport and the MPs’ assurances of the prime minister’s support looks laughable.

Only this is serious. And lessons must be learned.

Once again, we’re hearing vague promises. Along with a multitude of houses to be built on the vast site, there’s talk of a business park, creating 4,000 jobs. This has helped to soothe opposition to the plans. The airport employed a mere 150 people.

But here we go again. Where’s the business plan? Where are the details? Where’s the stress test for an economic downturn?

While the developers are still fighting the vague threat of a compulsory purchase order, the politicians have scope to demand the full disclosure they should have insisted on with when the airport was sold. Let’s not be made fools of again.

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